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  LP2 - Leopard 2 Programmable Touchscreen Interface ($990.00)  
LP2 - Leopard 2 Programmable Touchscreen Interface ($990.00)




The Leopard 2 provides touch-screen control of your X10 automation receivers with an elegant, easy-to-use home control system that does it all - fully programmable to include macros, timers etc.

The Adicon Leopard II™ combines the power of the Ocelot with the convenience of a touch screen. It can be programmed for stand-alone operation, or controlled by many of the popular third party Home Automation Software programs. The Leopard II has been designed to accommodate most automation requirements. External ports are provided for RS-232 communications, RS-485 communications, X10 communications, and infrared (IR) control. These ports allow the Leopard™ to interface with a variety of external devices.


Controller: The Leopard II™ controller can handle up to 4096 lines of programming. The code is stored in a non-volatile memory that will retain it’s contents even if the power is lost. A battery-backed real-time clock allows the controller to execute instructions based on the time and date.

Onscreen programming: For simplicity, you can program the Leopard via the built in on-screen interface. However the most powerful programming option is via the PC, with the free CMax software included. The program is then download to the Leopard II with the included interface cable.

Touch Screen: The Leopard II touch screen is a QVGA LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution. The backlight is a Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL).

IR output: A stereo jack is provided for attaching an optional IR emitter. Use our
Powermid XL product, to send the IR information through walls and ceilings to your equipment.

Beeper: The Leopard II provides a piezo beeper that can be set to sound on button presses, or under user program control.

RS-232 Port: The Leopard II™ provides a RS-232 port for communications with an external computer. This port is used to initially load the user program. It can also be used for communications with a third party software program. Additionally, this port can be used for communications with an ADICON modem, or for controlling external RS-232 equipment with ASCII commands.

RS-485 Port: The Leopard II™ provides a RS-485 port for communications with other modules, which provides for relay outputs, analog inputs, temperature monitoring, humidity monitoring, zoned IR outputs, audio messages, switch inputs, etc.

X10: The Leopard II™ provides a port for connecting the XM10  X10 interface. This interface allows the Leopard™ to control external lighting and appliance modules. The Leopard II™ can also monitor/control RCS X10 thermostats with this port.

IR Input: The Leopard II™ has an integral learning IR input that can store up to 1024 unique IR commands. The Leopard™ has the ability to recognize previously learned IR commands. This is one of the most exciting features of the Leopard II™, as you can initiate macros based on a single press of a button on a remote control.

The Leopard II lets you build macros to automate just about anything and offers the ability to send ASCII strings via the BOBRS2 expansion module. The Leopard features a 2-wire screw terminal that lets you connect various expansion control modules, each with different functionality but including relay outputs, analogue/digital inputs/outputs, high-current relays and temperature/humidity/light level sensing. See below for the full list of avaialble expansion modules. Up to 128 expansion modules can be connected in a daisy chain (1220m max), giving you a grand total of 2,048 points (each input or relay output is one point).

leopard2 installation guide
Leopard_II- Manual

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