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  CM15 Pro - Enhanced Computer Interface Module ($139.00)  
CM15 Pro - Enhanced Computer Interface Module ($139.00)




An enhanced computer interface module that is the Professional version of the CM11.


You can download the very latest software free of charge any time. Please click here


With extras like extended codes, conditional macros and a built in transceiver, this product offers the functionality of a computer interface and a transceiver in one. In combination with the CM15 you only need receivers in order to control your lighting and equipment. With your computer you can program whatever you like. Switching on your lights at set or varying times (intelligent presence simulation), creating a home movie theatre, switching your outside lighting or having a fresh pot of coffee ready when you are woken up by the atmospheric lighting in your bedroom. Once everything is set according to your wishes, you can enter this into the memory of the CM15 and turn off your computer. You can also pre-set the CM15 for use in another house.


  • Pro X10 USB Computer/RF interface which includes the all new ActiveHome PRO software – makes home automation easy, fun & very powerful.
  • Take control of your home - Program automated schedules for your lights, appliances, irrigation and security system – and your computer doesn't need to be switched on.
  • Built in RF transceiver - Enables X10 RF remotes and wireless devices (eg. MS13 motion sensor) to talk directly to your computer.
  • Control lamps, appliances, and wall switches with X10 home automation modules – fully compatible with the huge range of X10 devices available from Whome designed to make your life easier, safer and save you money.
  • Set up timed events and you'll never have to walk into a darkened room when your home automation system knows you'll be there.
  • User-friendly ActiveHomePRO software allows anyone to master simple home automation and create new routines.
  • Wireless saves you money and you'll never have to trip over extra wiring.
  • ActiveHome Pro home automation system even works when your computer is off – simply program a timer or macro and your home automation system will remember it, so you can control your entire home by remote.
  • Built in RF Transceiver - X10 RF remotes and motion sensors talk directly to your computer.
  • ActiveHome Pro's sunrise/sunset controls do the thinking for you – your night and morning routines can automatically adjust for the changing times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year, so you won't have to worry about reprogramming your driveway lights when it starts getting darker earlier in the winter.
  • The built–in memory guarantees that scheduled events will resume automatically after a power failure or when your computer is off.
  • Use your ActiveHome Pro home automation system as home security! ActiveHome Pro can automatically adjust scheduled timers to turn on lights for a random number of minutes when you're not at home, giving your home that "lived-in" look – and giving you piece of mind. Also fully compatible with X10 security modules.
  • It's easy to create and track home automation routines – ActiveHome Pro software lets you sort by rooms, so you can easily see what's scheduled to happen, and when.
  • Home automation software is easy to expand with plug-ins, making it “future proof” - ActiveHome Pro is the system that grows with your needs.



  • Provides more programming possibilities with its new conditional macros. For instance; the simulation of presence is executed only when your alarm is activated.

  • Contains more memory; possibility to use approximately 1.400 macros/timers.

  • Has a built-in X10 RF transmitter and X10 transceiver (like the TM13) for specific or all home codes.

  • User friendly software is suitable for beginners, with numerous extension possibilities for the experienced X10 user. 

  • Unit can be placed out of sight because of the supplied 1 metre power cord.



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