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  OCELOT Applications  
OCELOT Applications
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Have your home control needs grown beyond what your X10 modules and mini-controller can handle? Take the next step with the Ocelot programmable controller. This stand-alone controller offers 2-way X10 control for up to 256 devices. 

This powerful, flexible and easy-to-use controller offers two-way X10 control for 256 devices, storage and response to up to 512 IR commands (learnt from your devices, not pre-programmed), programming of macros/scenarios as well as the ability to interface to hundreds of relay-controlled devices. Together, these capabilities let you control virtually any light or appliance, remote control audio/video component, heating, air conditioning, or sprinkler system and so much more. 

How does it work?

The Ocelot acts as a central controlling unit and manages all the compatible devices of the system. The Ocelot issues commands base on input or events via the existing power lines. The way it works with X10 is that it picks up any X10 activities in the AC power lines and then sends out X10 signals according to the written Macros to control your X10 devices. In order for the Ocelot to work with X10, you first need to connect it with the XM10 module (sold separately). The XM10 acts as a transmitter/receiver of X10 signals for the Ocelot controller. The Ocelot is also compatible with Infrared, for it can control many other IR compatible devices such as TVs and DVD players. Figure 1 shows how the Ocelot works with the modules in your system. 

Let’s take a person returning home from work as an example, the light outside is turn on automatically when motions is detected by the motion sensor as the person walk towards the front door. The X10 module connected to the motion sensor then sends an X10 signal through the AC power lines. The Ocelot picks it up with the help of a XM10 then issues X10 commands to the X10 receivers to switch the lights on inside the house. The outside light is to be turned off automatically 5 minutes later according to the programmed macro. 


Programming the Ocelot

Before you can do any programming, you need to connect the Ocelot to the PC via the RS-232 cable provided. The Ocelot is to be programmed with the included software called ‘CMax’. CMax utilises ladder logic which is basically using simple conditional statements such as IF, THEN and ELSE to generate macros and scenarios. It is very easy to learn even for people with no prior programming experience. By building a few macros and scenarios, you can program your ocelot to perform just about any automation tasks. 

With the CMax interface, it is just a matter of clicking on the appropriate conditional statements and selecting the desired house codes/addresses, there are no needs of writing lines of codes from scratch. After you have written your macros, download your program into the Ocelot and the Ocelot is ready to go. 

“Ocelot: An economical home control solution that lets you control just about everything."

Expand to suit

The Ocelot system is fully expandable, starting off initially with the central Ocelot controller and X10 modules. You can then expand your system with a variety of add-on expansion modules to utilise the full potential of the Ocelot to suit your needs. These are some of the modules that provide additional features for the Ocelot:

8-Input/Output Low-Current Relay Module (SECU16)
16-Input Module (SECU16I)
16-Zone IR Module (SECU16IR)
8-Output High-Current Relay Module (RLY8XA)
Speak Easy Voice Output Module (SpeakEasy)
Temperature Sensor Bobcat (BobTem)
Light Sensor Bobcat (BobLig)
Humidity Sensor Bobcat (BobHum)
Contact Sensor Bobcat (BobCon)

You can even expand with one or more touch screen controllers (Leopard), which enables you to control everything in your system with a touch of the screen. Together, these components can be linked together to create a home control system that can be fully customized to your requirements.



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