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  SG9400 - 4 piece Security Kit ($290.00)  
SG9400 - 4 piece Security Kit ($290.00)




This 4 piece Voice Dialler Security System protects your family and your home against intruders. The SG9400 can also control lights and appliances throughout your house using the existing electrical wiring.

Telephone Features

  • The voice dialer calls up to four people and plays your pre–recorded message indicating that there is a problem at your residence. A listen–in feature allows the friend or neighbour to hear what is going on inside the home and take appropriate action.
  • It also allows you to dial in to remotely arm or disarm your alarm and to switch lights and appliances.

Security Modes

  • In Away mode, all sensors are armed and the alarm will trip when motion, opening of a door or window or breaking glass (optional) is detected.
  • In ‘Home Mode’, the system allows family members to walk around the house without setting off the alarm; yet it will alert you to someone breaking in.
  • If a break–in does occur, a siren of 95 decibels will sound and make your house physically uncomfortable, thus forcing the intruder to leave as quickly as possible.


The system is completely wireless, apart from the console, which plugs into a power point and the phone line. The SG9400 is easy to install. Simply position a sensor, press a button on the sensor and it is connected to the security console. The SG9400 is designed with your concerns in mind: its priorities are to protect you and your family, then your property. The voice dialer security kit makes life more secure and more relaxed.

Additional Features

  • A back–up battery system means it will still work during a black–out.
  • The system can be armed and disarmed from outside, so there’s no more embarrassing moments when you set the alarm off while entering or leaving your house.
  • A key chain remote means you don’t have to remember code numbers.
  • The security console doubles as a Transceiver Module.
  • Lamps can turn on and off at random when the security system is armed and only when it's dark, so your house appears lived–in.
  • A lamp can automatically turn on when you disarm the system, meaning you don’t enter a dark house.
  • X10 modules can be switched off when you set the alarm and switched on when you disarm it. Great feature for thermostats.
  • Remote screamers can be added to create an extra deterrent when the alarm trips.
  • Alarm can be set immediately or with a one–minute delay.
  • A special radio frequency jamming detection feature can be added, foiling intruders who deliberately interfere with RF security systems.
  • There’s no better guarantee of peace of mind.

Sorry this product is not available for sale in Australia and New Zealand.


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